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We help a range of businesses secure funding and use our skills and knowledge to make their ideas a reality.

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Innovative Solutions

Our experts want to build strong trusted relationships and work closely with our partners to make a difference and deliver real impacts.


By licensing from us you can gain access to advanced technology that can enhance the range and impact of your current offerings. Whether that’s through developing or improving products, processes or services, we can help you to create competitive advantage.

Finding Talent

Our range of services can help you develop the skills of your workforce, adapt to change and build your business capacity. This allows those we work with to pivot their business more easily and build resilience for a sustainable future

Collaborative Partnerships

Our academics and researchers can help translate new science into transformative innovation. Support the growth of your business by collaborating with us.

The staff at the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland
have a huge amount of knowledge that was invaluable
to us while developing Descent Master.
Ewan Clark from Descent Master