Digital Transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Applied Technologies includes work in innovative applied research in health and wellbeing and cyber security including digital forensics, blockchain technology, optimised solutions, big data and robotics. Our world-leading expertise has so far produced three successful spin-out companies that are now worth millions. Real world impacts include transforming visual media production with high image quality, lower costs and faster response times, fighting cybercrime and protecting children from online harm. If your business depends on data science and digital transformation, it would be great to have a chat to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Real World Impact in Health Environment and Communities

Our interdisciplinary research has led to pioneering breakthroughs which have created both commercial and social benefit.

  • Health: We are re-designing the current-generation of hearing-aids and assistive technology by utilising normal principles of ‘multi-modal’ human hearing.
  • Environment: The innovative design of future ‘blended spaces’ combine elements of physical and digital worlds. They are enabling new products to be developed by businesses and organisations worldwide in sectors including healthcare, tourism, building energy management and architecture.
  • Communities: Through digital innovation, we’ve helped national and international law enforcement agencies rapidly detect cybercrime and provide creditable digital forensics to fight the global epidemic of online crime.

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Case Study

Napier University And Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics is a spin-out company from Edinburgh Napier. The business has broken new ground in online child protection. Its software can scan for illegal images far faster – between 20 and 100 times the speed of previous methods. The results help police gather digital

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Using Cyan Forensics software has enabled us to identify and categorise the severity of illegal imagery
Chief Inspector Mark Thomson, Police Scotland